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        //Wonder Group successfully surpassed the sales target of 6 billion RMB.
        //Wonder Group ranks 34 in Top 100 Chinese Auto Parts Companies in 2017.
        //Ji’nan Worldwide reached the record sales of 0.6 billion RMB since its inception in 1956.
        //Jinzhou Wanyou realized the global cumulative sales of 0.2 billion pcs of piston rod since inception and its sales volume ranked as No.1 worldwide.
        //Jinzhou Jinheng completed over 600 vehicle collision tests and hit a record high in 2017.
        //Jinzhou Halla became A supplier of Volkswagen.
        //Wonder Group released iDAS in 2017 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The sales of iDAS reached 20000 sets by the end of 2017, marked the starting point of transforming from manufacturer to auto service and solution provider.
        //Launched Lean Production Program with Staufen Consulting Academy to build world first-class manufacturing standards.
        //New plant of Jinzhou Jinheng Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. was completed and put into use.
        //Set up Jiangsu Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. as the manufacture base of airbag and seatbelt in the south region of China.
        //Jinzhou Halla officially signed an agreement with TS-MOST Co., Ltd. to establish Jinzhou Halla Taesung Electronics Co., Ltd.
        //Initialized Wonder European (Germany) R&D Center to strengthen competitiveness in global market with the support of European top talents and advanced technology.
        //Achieved outstanding results in scientific and technological innovation. More than 40 new patents were obtained in 2017. Wonder Group has possessed over 600 patents.
        //Jinzhou Halla, Jinzhou Jinheng, Jinzhou Wanyou, Jinzhou Dongwoo and Jinzhou Hanhua were rewarded as Excellent Private Company of Jinzhou.
        //Ji’nan Worldwide started new plant project. The annual output of engine valves will be increased to 0.12 billion pcs after completion and Worldwide will be ranked Top 3 manufacturer of engine valves in the world with a market share of 55%.


        //The testing center of Jinan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited was officially approved by CNAS.(2016.3.29)
        //Wonder Group attended 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition and held new product release conference.(2016.4.25-5.4)
        //Jinan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited held 60 anniversary celebration.(2016.5.20)
        //Wonder Group was awarded Meritorious Enterprise of Jinzhou.(2016.6.24)
        //Wonder Auto (Poland) Co., Ltd. was officially registered.(2016.6.24)
        //The construction of Wonder Science & Technology Plaza started.(2016.10.1)
        //The construction of Wonder Auto Electrical Equipment Industry Park was completed.(2016.10.18)
        //Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. held 20 anniversary celebration.(2016.10.18)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. held The 2nd Euro NCAP Automotive Safety Technology Seminar and launching ceremony of the world’s first Super Slide Testing Bench.(2016.12.15)

        //Wonder headquarters moved into export manufacture base after it's completed and put into operation. (2015.2.15)

        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. successfully performed the first deployment test of hip airbag in China. (2015.4.29)
        //Wonder started the foundation of Wonder auto electrical appliance industrial park and entered a brand-new stage of development. (2015.5.21)
        //Set up Jinzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd. (2012.10)
        //Wonder Group completed privatization from US Nasdaq capital market. (2013.9)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Auto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (previous Jinzhou Wonder Motor Co., Ltd.). (2014.1)
        //Set up Jiangsu Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. (2014.3)
        //The first-stage construction of new facility of Jinzhou Wanyou in Wonder industrial park completed and started production. (2014.7)
        //Four core enterprises of Wonder Group--Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd., Ji'nan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited and Jinzhou Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. were selected to the rank of National 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers.
        //Set up Jinzhou Leader Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. (previous Jinzhou Wonder Auto Suspension System Co., Ltd.)(2010.6)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wonder Group. (2010.8)
        /Set up Jinzhou Huayi Spinning Technology Co., Ltd. (2010.8)
        //Set up Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Control Technology Co., Ltd. and introduced electronic stability control technology from Holland TNO to start development of auto active safety technology. (2010.12)
        //Shenyang Worldwide Auto-Accessory Co., Ltd. was merged into Wonder Group. (2011.1)
        //Set up Beijing Wonder Careway Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and manufacture airbag controllers and active safety products. (2011.1.11)
        //Set up Jinzhou Jinheng Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. to develop and manufacture gas generators. (2011.6)
        //Jinzhou Wonder Paper Products Co., Ltd. was renamed as Jinzhou Wonder Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. (2011.12.23)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Mould Industry Co., Ltd. (2008)
        //Set up Fuxin Huirui Mechanical Co., Ltd. (2008.5)
        //Ji'nan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited was merged into Wonder Group. Wonder Group began to enter engine valve industry. (2008.10)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. successfully acquired Liaoning Hechang Huabao Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. and expanded its market shares.(2008)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder New Energy Auto Technology Co., Ltd. to develop new energy vehicles and related core parts and start research on household new energy and environmental protection in the meantime. (2009.3)
        //The research institute laboratory of Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was entitled as national inspection center. (2009)
        //Second facility of Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation. (2007.7)
        //Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. (WATG) was listed on Nasdaq. (2007.9)

        /Set up Jinzhou Wonder Paper Products Co., Ltd. (Previous Jinzhou Wonder Packing Box Co., Ltd.) (2007.9)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Motor Co., Ltd. (2007.9)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Auto Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (2007.9)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. completed expansion of real vehicle collision laboratory to perform collision, rear-end collision and rolling test. Jinzhou Jinheng finished technical upgrading three times and built a comprehensive production workshop of 7000 square meters. (2007)
        //Set up Beijing Jinheng SEGA Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (2005.10)
        //Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded TS16949 certification and ranked No.2 in both alternator and starter market. (2006.3) //Set up Jinzhou Karham Co., Ltd. (2006.5)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. (2006.9)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. completed the construction of R&D center and office building and the upgrading of acceleration test rig and spare part test. Jinzhou Jinheng was awarded ISO14001 certification and increased its registered capital to 0.1 billion HKD. (2006)
        //Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. set up R&D center in Beijing. (2004.2)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (2004.2)
        //Set up Jinzhou wonder Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (previous Jinzhou Wonder Iron Core Co., Ltd.) (2004.2)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. was listed on Hongkong Growth Enterprise Market, stock code: 00872. (2004.12.9)
        //Jinzhou Wonder Packing Co., Ltd. was listed in UK After Market (listed as China Wonder Limited). (2004)
        //Set up Jinzhou Hanhua Electrical Systems Co., Ltd. (2003.4)
        //Set up Jinzhou Dong woo Precision Co., Ltd. (2003.4)
        //Wonder Group acquired 50% shares of Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. held by Korean Mando. (2003.7)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. was modified to Hongkong-owned enterprise with a registered capital of 31.5 million HKD.
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. set up Shenyang Jinbei Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. with Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Company Limited. The registered capital was 20 million RMB. (2003.12)
        //Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. set up R&D center and manufacture base in Jinzhou Eco. & Tech. Development Zone and increased its registered capital to 30 million RMB.(2001.7)

        //Wonder Group realized privatization after State-owned assets withdrawn. (2001.9)
        //Jinzhou Wonder Auto Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. was renamed as Jinzhou Wonder Auto Suspension System Co., Ltd. with its registered capital increased to 2.65 million USD. The company moved to Jinzhou Eco. & Tech. Development Zone after the new facility was completed in November. (2002.6)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Packing Box Co., Ltd. (2002)
        //Jinzhou Wonder Auto Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture with WONDER DEVEOPMENT LTD. The registered capital was 1.6 million USD (foreign shares 25%, Chinese shares 75%). (1999.1)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Iron Core Co., Ltd. (2000.2)
        //Design of Vehicle Shock Absorber, the unique professional book of Chinese shock absorber industry edited by Zeng Qingdong (General Manager of Jinzhou Wonder Auto Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.), was published. (2000)
        //Set up Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (1996.3)

        //Jinzhou Auto Shock Absorber Plant made great technological breakthrough in shock absorber noise of Xiali sedan. (1996.10) 1997
        //Set up Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. (1997.1)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Auto Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. (1997.3)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. (1997.6)
        //The state-owned equities of Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinzhou Jinheng Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. were allocated to Jinzhou Wonder Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. (1997.10)
        //The output of motorcycle shock absorbers of Jinzhou Wonder Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. broke 1 million pcs, ranking No.5 nationwide.
        //Set up Jinzhou Auto Shock Absorber Plant. (1995.12.26)
        //Set up Jinzhou Shock Absorber Plant . (1991)
        //Set up Jinzhou Wonder Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. (1992)
        /Served as the deputy leader unit of National Motorcycle Shock Absorber Industry.
        //Registered the trademark "Wonder". (1993.2)
        Copyright © 2013 - 2017 wonderauto.com.cn All Rights Reserved
        Address:Wonder Industrial Park, Xihai Street, Eco.&Tech. Dev. Zone, Jinzhou, Liaoning
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